Sunday, October 15, 2006

Writing better blogs

As more of you consider getting into blogs we want to pause from time to time to look at what makes a good journalistic blog. I don't know, I'm learning as we go.

But I ran across a posting from the Media in Transition blog that gives 11 tips for better blogging that seems like a good read. Read it for explanation of these tips.
  1. A blog entry is a stub for conversation.
  2. Think about the perspectives of your audience.
  3. Write tight headlines that encourage interest.
  4. Make points or lists and make them scan-friendly.
  5. Link to the context.
  6. Quote indirectly and link
  7. Format long documents for print.
  8. Never delete anything.
  9. Troll the blogosphere for secondary conversation.
  10. Be active in your own conversation.
  11. Create buzz everywhere.


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